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We are pleased to once again be offering our four week remote collar recall program, which teaches dogs of all breeds how to be off-leash with their owners while safely and reliably under control. This program consists of eight private one-hour sessions outdoors here on the property, and is structured into exciting games that your dog will enjoy, all while getting the opportunity to explore the woods safely. Why train with a remote collar? While our program is highly reward-based, a remote collar doubles as a safety seatbelt allowing you to have full confidence in your dog's freedom without fear of them running away or not returning to you. It also allows you to clearly communicate with your dog in a way that is very easy for them to learn and respond to, and improves your relationship.


The first step in getting started is a free phone consultation to discuss your goals and your dog's needs. This program includes a brand new remote collar valued at $230.00 (Educator ET-300TS). We will no longer train with remote collars brought from home, as many cheaper brands are unreliable or far too strong, which renders them inhumane and unacceptable to use. We ensure all dogs are  confident, and successful in their training.

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