Choosing Cat Trees & Furniture - Our Number One Choice

When choosing the right furniture for the cats we look at three key components:

1) Size - Bengal cats can often grow a little bit bigger than the average house cat, especially males. We want cat trees with large bed and wide platforms with room to stretch out.

2) Sturdiness - How easily does it tip over? Many cat trees are too light or top heavy, and can fall over when your cat jumps up, often scaring them and potentially even causing injury. We're looking for wide balanced bases, and if uncertain - an attached rope to secure the tree to the wall as an extra precaution.

3) Material - Most cats prefer the thicker 'rug' type material as opposed to the soft sleek material that is equally as often used. It is also more difficult for cats to grip on to that sleek material, especially during fast-paced exuberant play.

And finally, we of course like options that look nice in our home and/or have a creative twist!

For us, our number one staple cat tree that is a great safe option for both kittens and adults is the simple but well-made Amazon Basics cat tree/tower (shown with link on the left). The top basket is a decent size for most cats and the whole tree is very well-balanced - we've never had it tip over or shake even with rough play. The material used is that nice grippy carpet material that the cats love and can hold on to easily, and the posts are wrapped with jute. Because our cat trees get so much use, we often see the jute start to come away and unravel over time - but we have yet to have this happen with any of our Basics trees. Although not flashy or colourful, it is our tried and true number one choice for cat trees. In addition, it is the only tree we can also use with the younger kittens as it's not too tall and is very stable.

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