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We have recently begun planning what is known as an 'outcross' program. This involves adding cats of different breed or type into our breeding lines to bring back and improve certain traits of the Bengal breed. For example - the Bengal breed standard calls for rounded, smaller ears. Yet most Bengal cats that we come across have big pointy ears. By introducing certain breeds with small rounded ears, we can bring back that trait into the Bengal breed and thus improve the breed. Another benefit to an outcross program is that it adds much needed genetic diversity to the breed, which is strongly needed.

It's important to note that adding random cats to a breed is not proper outcrossing, and no ethical or reputable breeder will do that. Our outcross program is specifically designed to only add in select traits that are truly needed, and we select our outcross cats extremely carefully, with plans in place to breed right down to the fourth generation. 

We sometimes have outcross kittens that will not advance our program and thus are for sale to the public. We welcome inquiries about these kittens - the same immense amount of love and socialization is put into their care, and they still display the trademark Bengal spots that are so well-known. They can be a good opportunity for someone who would like a more affordable pet that is still high quality and exhibits Bengal traits. 

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